Manchester & District Swimming & Water Polo Association


21.-    The Council shall have the power to form as necessary more than one division from the entries received for the various water polo and swimming competitions.

22.-    In events defined as for boys or girls competitors shall be under 17 years of age on 31st December in the year of competition unless otherwise stated.

23.-    Entries for all team competitions shall be submitted on the official entry form to the Hon. Secretary of each discipline at a date to be set by the relevant Hon. Secretary.  The competitions shall be held annually between dates set down in the rules of each competition.

23a-    A meeting shall be held on a date fixed by the Hon. Swimming Secretary for the purpose of arranging fixtures for that year's competitions and all competing clubs MUST be represented.  At the conclusion of the meeting, clubs MUST hand to the Hon. Swimming Secretary a list of their fixtures and any club failing to do so WILL be fined 30.00.

24.-    No swimmer may compete in the same league competition or associated finals for more than one club in the same year of competition.

25.-    All trophies shall remain the property of the Association and shall not be taken out of the United Kingdom.

26.-    The person or club winning a trophy shall be at liberty to hold same upon signing the guarantee form. The trophy shall be returned at the request of the Council or the Trustees not less than one month before presentation.

27.-    Any club or individual failing to return a trophy when requested by the Trophy Controller, in accordance with Rule 26, shall be find 30.00.

28.-    The Trustees shall be notified immediately any trophy is lost, stolen or damaged in any way.

29.-    Any person or club acting as guarantor or custodian of a trophy shall not release themselves from their responsibilities without two clear months notice in writing having been given to the Trustees.

30.-    The trophies shall be insured by the Association against all risks and revalued for insurance purposes at five year intervals.

31.(a)-    Any club failing to turn up for a preliminary league fixture will be liable for a fine not exceeding 30.00, at the discretion of the association and after hearing the Referees report.

31.(b)-    Any club qualifying for the swimming league finals that fails to inform the swimming league secretary of their unavailability a minimum of 21 days before the date of the said final WILL be fined 30.00.

32.-    In any of the Association's swimming competitions held in pools with hand rails affixed in the pool, any competitor may turn, take over and finish on the hand rail.

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