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85.- The competition shall be called THE TEAM SWIMMING COMPETITION and shall comprise a League Competition and a Final Gala for each division within the competition.

85.(a)- The League Competition shall run from 1st January to 31st August. Dates for the Final Galas are to be organised by the Hon. Swimming Secretary.

85.(b)- Profit or loss from a League Competition gala will be the responsibility of the home club. The Association will be responsible for the profit or loss of the Final Galas. The maximum admission fee which may be charged for a gala shall be determined annually by the Council (currently 2.00 as per AGM 2009)

85.(c)(i)- The competition will use the following programme:

9/10yrs 11/12yrs 13/14yrs
Stroke G B G B G B
F/Style Relay 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L
Medley Relay 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L
Squad Relay 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L
Mixed Squad Relay 4 x L 4 x L 4 x L
Mixed Medley Relay  4 x L 4 x L 4 x L
Cannon Relay

3G + 3B

85.(c)(ii)- Ages of swimmers shall be as on 30th September in the year of competition.

85.(c)(iii)- Distances swum shall be: L is one length, not less than 20m or more than 36 2/3 yards.

85.(c)(iv)- Cannon relay shall be: 1 girl and 1 boy from each age group, 6 in all, each swimmer one length freestyle. The teams will swim alternately girl / boy starting with the youngest age group.

85.(c)(v)- The Squad Relay shall be: First two swimmers - Breaststroke; Last two swimmers - Frontcrawl

85.(d)- The competition will be organised as follows:

Where possible there will be THREE separate League Divisions with each division comprising nominally seven clubs.

In each division each team will compete in league galas, one at home and three away, and the points scored in these galas will determined their league position.

Promotion and relegation will operate based on the league positions with the top two clubs being promoted and the bottom two clubs being relegated.

The promotions and relegations between the divisions may be adjusted by the Hon. Swimming Secretary to account for the entries received for the following year.

If a club enters the competition for the first time they will compete in the lowest division.

Clubs finishing the season in first place in their Division will receive a Trophy as League Champions and they will hold this for twelve months.

85.(e)(i)- In addition to the League Competition, the following Final Galas will be swum.

The six clubs with the highest points scored from the League Competition galas in each Division will compete in the Final Galas with the winners receiving:-

DIVISION 1 - Ron Ellis Trophy

DIVISION 2 - Pauline Guest Trophy

DIVISION 3 - Peter Simpson-Darlington Trophy

The winning teams and runners up in the Final Gala shall receive medals for their swimmers. The clubs finishing in seventh place in each league division will be reserve finalists for their respective Final Gala.

85.(e)(ii)- A swimmer may compete in no more than 4 events and the Cannon Relay.

85.(e)(iii)- A swimmer may compete in an age group above his own but must not exceed the 4 events rule in (e) (ii).

85.(f)- For any League Competition Gala the Association will provide Referee/Starter whilst judges and recorders are to be provided by competing clubs. For the Final Galas the Association will provide Referee/Starter, Judges and Recorders.

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