Manchester & District Swimming & Water Polo Association


61.- The Swimming Championships shall take place between 1st January and 15th October.

62 - The Swimming Championships shall be organised by the Championship Organisers who shall report on a regular and frequent basis to the Council and seek approval as necessary.

63 - The Championship Organisers shall determine the programme and conditions and these shall be detailed on the information pack forwarded to the Clubs.

64 - The Championships shall be based on the following age groups:-

12 years and under Junior

13 and 14 Years Youth

15 years and over Senior

65 - The age of swimmers shall be as at the last day of competition of the Swimming Championships.

66 - All entries shall be made to the Championship Organiser(s) on the official entry forms. The closing date shall be stated on the entry forms. A competitor may enter any event in their age group.

67 - The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed swimmers in each group shall receive an award.

68 - Trophies will be presented for each event competed for by the Youth and Senior groups. The swimmer with the fastest time in each event, either Youth or Senior, will be awarded the trophy. Trophies will be awarded for the Open events.

69 - Points shall be awarded for individual and team events as follows:-

1st - 6 ; 2nd - 5 ; 3rd - 4 ; 4th - 3 ; 5th - 2 ; 6th - 1.

70 - Trophies shall be awarded on the above points basis to the individuals who gain most aggregate points.

Trophy Category
The Tintarine Cup Junior - Boys
Catlow Challenge Cup Junior - Girls
The Stringer Cup Youth - Boys
Hazel Grove & Bramhall Trophy  Youth - Girls
J Boyd Men's Championship Cup Senior - Mens
Ladies Championship of M & D Trophy
(Mrs J W Coe)
Senior - Ladies

71 - The Club Aggregate Trophy shall be awarded on the above points basis to the Club whose male or female section obtains the most aggregate points in the Championships.

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