Manchester & District Swimming and Water Polo Association


36.-    The Water Polo Knock Out Competitions Finals shall be staged by the Association at a suitable venue on the same night. The date shall be decided at the February Council Meeting.

37.-    Clubs shall arrange their fixtures at the February Council meeting and submit them to the Honorary Water Polo Secretary.

38.-    Any person transferring from one club to another cannot take part in the Association's competitions unless he has had permission in writing from his former club. Failing that permission, the person must obtain a transfer from the Association before appealing for another team.

39.-    Any person competing for a club other than that for which he is registered by this Association shall render himself ineligible to take part in the Associations competitions until his registration is approved by the Council.

40.-    Any protest against the eligibility of a competitor must be lodged with the Honorary Secretary and any club found guilty of including an ineligible competitor shall be deemed to have lost any event in which such competitor shall have taken part, and shall he fined 15.00.

41.-    All competitions shall commence at the time stated in the current handbook.

    (1) A club wishing to alter a league or K.O. competition fixture may do so only when the club or 3 more of its players are taking part in any of the following events:-

    (a) Official International WP match Trial or Training.

    (b) A.S.A. Club Water Polo Competitions (Sen/Jun/Boys).

    (c) A.S.A. District & County Matches Trials or Training.

    (d) Representative matches at District and M & D level.


    (2) By written application to and consent of the President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. W.P. Secretary which shall be given only in extenuating circumstances.


    (3) 10 days' notice has been given to the referee and the Hon. WP Secretary who must be notified of the revised date within 14 days of the letter applying to alter the fixture. If the revised date is not agreed in this period the matter shall be referred to the next Council Meeting.

    A club that contravenes this rule shall be fined a sum not exceeding 15.

    A club causing a fixture to start more than ten minutes later than the stated or agreed time shall be fined 6. For a second or subsequent offence the club shall be fined 7.

    In the event of a club not having 7 players available to start a match within 30 minutes of the appointed starting time the match may be cancelled by either the non-offending team or the referee. If such a cancellation occurs the referee and the secretaries of both clubs shall submit a written report within 3 days to the Hon. W.P. Secretary who in turn shall place the reports before council who shall have the power to make all or any of the following:-

    (1) Order the award of points to the non-offending team or alternatively order the match replayed.

    (2) Order the payment of a fine not exceeding 15 by the offending club.

    (3) Order the payment of expenses by the offending club.

42.-    Clubs competing in Water Polo Competitions shall notify the referee three clear days in advance of the time and venue for the fixtures. Should a club fail to comply with this and the match be cancelled due to non-arrival of the referee the offending club shall forfeit the match and be liable to a fine not exceeding 10 and any expenses awarded by Council.

43.-    Championships shall be decided by the number of points. In the event of a tie the teams shall compete in a neutral bath and where the competition is divided into sections, the two top teams of each section shall compete for the Championship. The proceeds shall belong to the Association. Should swim-offs be necessary to decide section of final winners and prove inconclusive, the total time of all races shall decide the winners.

44.-    The official results form duly completed shall be returned by the home club within THREE days of the match to the Hon. Water Polo Secretary. The form shall show each competitor's name. A club failing to comply with this rule shall be fined 6.

45.-    The list of officials and Water Polo Referees shall be approved at the December Council meeting. Additions to the list may be approved at any Council Meeting. Each club entering a Water Polo Competition organised by the Association must provide a referee to be appointed to the list of Water Polo Referees. The appointee must be acceptable to the Association.

46.-    Referees shall be appointed by the Council or its nominated officer for league and K.O. competitions. They shall report all breaches of rules to the Association. The home team shall pay the Referees expenses.

47.-    No official shall act as referee in a contest in which his club is taking part unless by consent of both clubs in writing prior to the start of the contest.

48.-    The winners and runners-up in each division and knock-out competition shall be presented with awards.

49.-    WATER POLO COMPETITIONS shall be on the league/ division and knock-out principles.

50.-    When a sufficient number of clubs enter two Water Polo teams the second team shall form a separate division from which there shall be no promotion.

51.-    Clubs entering a second Water Polo team shall place a star against seven players who shall only be able to play in the clubs first team. The star may be removed by Council when a starred player has not played in one fourth of the first team matches after four such matches have been completed and reallocated to another player.

52.-    In the Water Polo Knock-Out competitions the draw shall be made and the dates for the completion of each round shall be decided at the March meeting. The dates for the first round of matches shall be given by the clubs to the Hon. Water Polo Secretary at the March meeting. Notification of mutually arranged fixtures must be received by the Hon. Water Polo Secretary not less than fourteen days prior to the match. All matches shall be played to a finish. In the final the Association shall pay the expenses of the appointed officials.

53.-    The Council may organise a Water Polo division or Knock-out competition with an age qualification as deemed desirable and award the J.W. Cue Shield to same.

54.-    Any Club failing to provide all the equipment for a water polo match shall be fined 6.

55.-    The Water Polo trophies shall be awarded to the winners viz: 

          Herbert Dean Memorial Challenge Shield to the first division. 

          J. Boyd Cup to the senior Knock-out competition.

    Ray Bossons Trophy to the Junior division.

    C.W. Brand Trophy for U16 Tournament.

    Francis Cup for U15 Winter League.

    The Glover Trophy, for the under 13 years water polo knock out tournament.

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