1.             The competition will be swum using the enclosed programme of events which has been amended so that all events are MIXED and will be swum Girl - Boy.

2.      Ages of swimmers shall be as on the day of competition.

3.      Each event will have a maximum of two (three) heats, so entries accepted from up to 12 (18) teams.

Six or less teams will swim a straight final

More than six teams - every event will have two (three) heats

Points will be awarded in accordance with the number of teams swimming e.g. 10 teams

swimming then 10 points down to 1, fastest to slowest for each event.

The finalists will be the six teams with the highest points.

In the event of a tie, then the result of the cannon will be used to decide the finalists.

Failing that a swim off in the form of a cannon will decide the finalists.

4.      All teams will arrive at 2.00pm for a 2.15 start and the programme will be swum as follows:
Group A will swim event 1 followed by Group B swimming event 1 and Group C event 1 this will continue through to event 13. THERE WILL NOT BE A WARM UP.

5.      Swimmers may compete in a maximum of 4 events plus the cannon.

6.      Swimmers may compete in their own age group or above but should not exceed the maximum number of swims laid down in Rule 5.

7.      Points will only be scored if your team finishes the event on the time shown or slower.

8.      Squad relay events comprise - Breaststroke-Breaststroke-Front Crawl-Front Crawl

9.      Medley relay Backstroke-Breaststroke-Butterfly (or Breaststroke)-Front Crawl

10.  If your club enters more than one team the swimmers selected for each team will not be allowed to interchange between teams.

11.  Mixed cannon relay event comprises 1 Girl and 1 Boy from each age group starting with the youngest girl followed by the youngest boy.

12.  There are three trophies: The winning club will receive the Harry & Dee Kent Trophy, the second placed team will receive the Vice Presidents Trophy and the third placed team will receive the Ladybarn Shield.

13.  Medals will also be presented to every member of the teams finishing first, second and third places in the final.